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“Journalism is an act of faith in the future.”
– Ann Curry

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The field of journalism is constantly changing, and it’s critical that a journalist stay relevant.  While earning your journalism degree, you will have the opportunity to take courses in cutting edge technology, research, writing, publishing, and editing.

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An associates degree in journalism will provide you with the foundational knowledge necessary to communicate effectively, write critically, and can help you gain an entry-level position in your area of interest. Full article »

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Help make meaning of the events of our world. As a journalist, you will be in the thick of breaking stories, political debate, world and local events, natural disasters, crimes, and controversial topics. Full article »

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Pursue a master’s degree in journalism, communications, broadcasting, writing, reporting, digital media, social media, layout and graphic design.  Become a competitive candidate for coveted positions. Full article »

“Our job is to hold up the mirror. In seeking truth, you’ve got to get both sides of the story” – Walter Cronkite

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Journalism Degree Options is an online resource developed to help you achieve your goal of becoming a journalist.  We will walk you through the process of learning about the various niches within journalism, deciding which may best fit you, and set you on the path to earning your journalism degree.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Online publications and services are growing in number and sophistication, spurring the demand for writers and editors with Web or multimedia experience”. Gain that experience in a journalism program geared towards your interests.

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