Associates in Journalism

An associates degree in journalism will provide you with the foundational knowledge necessary to communicate effectively, write critically, and can help you gain an entry-level position in your area of interest.

An associates in journalism is a smart way to qualify for the entry level job opportunities open to journalists, and a great way to lay the foundation for further education down the road. Internships are typically available, and add experience to your education and can help you be better prepared for the workforce.  Journalism students will learn how to report information in an unbiased and ethical manner that appeals to the audience, whether by traditional print or 21st century media.

Careers with an Associates in Journalism

  • newsroom reporting, both in print and online
  • social media
  • sports and fashion journalism
  • photojournalism
  • copy writing
  • advertising

The only prerequisite for an associates in journalism degree is a high school diploma, GED or equivalent.

What courses will I take?

Student earning his associates in journalismAssociates programs typically focus on a basic liberal arts education with an emphasis on English, writing and communication. Basic business concepts and practices such as advertising, marketing, public relations, and social media may also be part of the curriculum. You can expect a variety journalism courses, and 101 level courses for a well-rounded education. While programs may vary, each school’s curriculum will generally cover these topics. Programs typically take two years or less to complete.

Whether you are interested in a career in blogging, web design, social media, public relations, or journalism, an associates degree can set you on the right path. Some schools do not offer an associate’s in journalism but rather in a related field. An AA in one of these related topics can still be transferred to a bachelor’s program in journalism.

Other Related Degrees

  • AA in Communications
  • AA in Broadcast Communications
  • AS in Telecommunications
  • AA in Mass Communications
  • AS in Media Arts
  • AA in Web Graphic Design
  • AS in Digital Media
  • AS in Technical Writing
  • AA in Public Relations
  • AA in English

In the constantly changing news environment, it’s critical to have a skill set that will set you above the rest. Real reporting still matters. Request information directly from schools, or see our career center for help in choosing which may be right for you.

Schools Offering Communication & Journalism Courses

Ashford University LogoAshford University

  • BA Journalism & Mass Communications (Online)
  • Bachelors in Communication Studies
  • BA Social Science - Communications

Kaplan UniversityKaplan University

  • BS in Communication

Drexel UniversityDrexel University

  • Bachelor of Science in Communication
  • Bachelor of Science in Communications and Applied Technology
  • And More . . .

Colorado State University-Global CampusColorado State University-Global Campus

  • BS - Communication (Online)
  • And More . . .
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