Jostens’ Yearbook Staff to be Certified by the Journalism Education Association

If you ever had a high school year book, it most likely came from Jostens. I know I remember the Jostens guy coming to my high school campus and causing quite a buzz. Well it looks like that Jostens guy is going to come with a little more clout. Last week, Jostens announced that twenty of their yearbook staff have been certified by the JEA, as Certified Journalism Educators (CJE.) Jostens is the first corporate company to gain that kind of accreditation.

To gain CJE accreditation is no easy feat. It takes long-term preparation, and passing a three hour exam on a wide array of subjects. Journalism writing and design, journalism ethics, and money management, are among the topics covered in the exam.

Kelly Furnas, is the JEA executive director. Furnas weighed in on the exciting partnership in this statement:

“Certification from the Journalism Education Association helps signify the top performers in our profession — those individuals who are not only great educators, but great journalists, too,” said Kelly Furnas. “I think it speaks volumes about a yearbook company that would make this level of excellence a standard for its representatives who interact with classrooms.”

The CJE certified JEA employees are: Tara Anderson, Mica Benavides, Linda Berry, Bonnie Blackman, Rick Brooks, Mary Bunch, Tina Cleavelin, Stacey Ellwood, Jeffrey Fallon, Scott Geesey, Peter Griffin, Melissa Hodge, Keri Lange, Kelsey Link, Julie Maddaleni, Tyler Melton, Meghan Milovich, Susan Taylor, Janna Thorsen, and Karissa Tumbusch.

The JEA is the biggest educational journalism organization. It has over 2,500 members, including journalism teachers, members of the press, librarians, and an array of other journalism education related fields. It’s an honor for any organization to receive accreditation from such a well-respected and established organization.

Jorgens is out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is the largest school year book, and student created material distributor in the country. Established in 1897, Jorgens provides both year books, and education regarding journalism related curriculum. It seems that a partnership between these well respected organizations is natural fit.




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