Kickstarter to fund "For Journalism" to create data journalism training materials

Dave Stanton is a programmer, and has taught journalism technology at the University of Florida and the Poynter Institute. He’s started a Kickstarter fund to help develop a curriculum for data journalism courses. It’s well-known in the academic journalism world, that data journalists, or journalist with a programming background, are some of the most in demand employees in journalism.

“Take a data journalism class,” Dan Oshinsky, newsletter editor at Buzzfeed, tweets to students at the Missouri School of Journalism students, and his other followers. “Data journalism people get hired. Period.”

Stanton is hoping Kickstarter can help him take his well-planned courses from an idea, to reality. “For Journalism”, as it will be called, will create the training materials necessary to educate journalism students regarding data journalism. The current education materials, just don’t exists.

“We have a pipeline problem for people with data and programming skills for journalism. There are great organizations and institutions making tremendous headway, but we need an industry-wide solution for educating the next generation of journalists.” The Kickstarter site states.

“For Journalism is an effort to equip every student, mid-career journalist, professor and graduate student with the knowledge they need to learn technical skills for doing journalism.” The site continues.

For Journalism, will receive funding if donors pledge $32,000 by Monday Mar 11, 8:15pm Eastern Standard Time. At the time of this writing, the amount donated through Kickstarter is $17,731 from 197 backers, and will undoubtedly be higher by the time you’re reading this. Go to the For Journalism Kickstarter and donate if you’re able.

For Journalism’s teaching material will include; screencasts, code repositories e-books, online communities and forums, and can be taken at the students pace. It’s undeniable the nature of journalism studies is changing drastically. Universities can only change their course work so fast, so it’s important to have supplementary courses and teaching materials such as these, for students and professionals alike in order to keep journalists informed and competitive in their field.

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