Photojournalism Degree

Ever since the invention of the camera, photographers and photojournalists have spoken to their audience through pictures, bringing us many of the major news stories of our time. Think of the raw emotion of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, or the devastation of the tsunamis in Indonesia or Japan.

How difficult would it have been to truly understand what was happening without the addition of photographs and video?  A photojournalism degree can set you on the path to this rewarding career by giving you the education and technical training necessary to produce quality work.

A photojournalism degree goes beyond the basics of taking pictures.  You will complete coursework on technique and storytelling through pictures, as well as digital photography, publishing, and editing your work in an online environment.  Begin your journey by requesting information from the schools listed here.

Online Photojournalism Degree

Many of the schools on our site offer online photojournalism programs to give you the education you’re seeking without disrupting your life.  If you’re considering pursuing a photojournalism degree and can’t afford to put your life on hold, then an online program may be the way to go.  Check out the programs offered here to see which will work best for you.

What Photojournalism Courses Will I Take?

We’ve sampled many of the photojournalism training programs and found the following courses to be typical:

  • Photoshop for Photographers
  • Fundamentals of Digital Photography
  • Law & Ethics for Photojournalists
  • Black and White Darkroom
  • Digital Photography
  • Website Design for Photographers
  • Self Promotion and Marketing

Earn your photojournalism degreeMost courses are hands-on, and are taught by working photographers. In addition to the photography curriculum, most schools will require you to complete basic journalism courses, which incorporate a well-rounded liberal arts education. As more than half of all photojournalists are self employed, it would be smart to also take classes in entrepeneurship and business.

What Can I Do With a Photojournalism Degree?

One of the many appealing aspects of a career in photojournalism is that the action doesn’t take place behind a desk, but instead finding visual stories out in the field. As a photojournalist, you will be working out in the community, documenting the news as it happens. This could be as limited as your neighborhood or town, or as big as you can imagine. Regardless of where you work, the role of storyteller will be central to your work.

Freelance Photographer
A freelance photographer doesn’t work for any particular publication, but for themselves. They then sell their work to various print, on-air or online publications. One week you may find yourself photographing a local press conference or mayoral event, the next week you might be traveling abroad to cover political unrest. It’s a highly active line of work, and the pay is sometimes inconsistent, but the rewards can be immeasurable. If you choose freelance photography as your line of work, you must be proficient in various editing and publishing systems for the web.

Photo Editor
A photo editor works for a publication and assigns and edits photographs for publication. Not only must you have a great eye for photography and design, but you’ll typically be required to write headlines or copy to go with the photographs.

In today’s news environment, many photojournalists must become adept at the other forms of media, including video and audio. As more and more people get their news online, the employment opportunity in multimedia photography is growing much faster than other lines of work. If this interests you, be sure to include coursework in web and graphic design, HTML, CSS, and web publication programs.




Schools Offering Communication & Journalism Courses

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  • BA Journalism & Mass Communications (Online)
  • Bachelors in Communication Studies
  • BA Social Science - Communications

Kaplan UniversityKaplan University

  • BS in Communication

Drexel UniversityDrexel University

  • Bachelor of Science in Communication
  • Bachelor of Science in Communications and Applied Technology
  • And More . . .

Colorado State University-Global CampusColorado State University-Global Campus

  • BS - Communication (Online)
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